TEDの"TRY SOMETHING NEW FOR 30 DAYS"を聞いてもらい、様々なactivityを3週間行った上で最後にエッセイを書いて頂きました。


What I want to try newly for 30 days is to dance for the following two reasons.

Both are related to my present lack of exercise.

The first one is, since I haven’t spent any time on exercise in my daily life except my PE class at school, I have thought I need to start something which improves conditions of my body. 

It is said that most adults who don’t have customs of exercising during their early lives would make no time to do sports in their left time of life.

Though I am not good at any sports, I want to try them to enjoy and enrich my life. 

Secondary, I also have known it is very difficult for me to start exercising.  This is just because even to change my clothes and go outside are troublesome for me. Through SNS, I came across a way of doing exercise at home and that is dancing.  You are able to dance in your loungewear and not to be seen by others. Contrast to sports in outside, there’s no need to care about the weather and this means there would be no excuses for skipping dancing.

Therefore, in my upcoming 30 days, I’m going to dance at home. 

And I hope (that) most of the teenagers who neglect doing sports because of this hard cold weather will do the same thing as I do.