TED "Dare to educate Afgan girls"を聞いて


前回に引き続き、TED Speechを聞いての感想をエッセイにして頂きました。

Listening to this speech, I realized the importance of studying.

In Japan there are some people who don’t study even though they go to school.

In Afghanistan they are many girls who want to study. If we think about their situation, I think we can’t say, “I don`t want to go to school” or “Studying is boring”.

In fact, before listening to this speech, I might have thought that receiving education is natural. Probably there are many people like me.

But listening to this speech, I know that I was wrong. We are blessed with a good environment for studying.

I think what we need to know is to know other countries. What we can do to these countries is little, but we can know what is happening there right now. We shouldn’t take it for granted that we always have a good environment for studying.

We should appreciate it and study every day. In the future I wish we can close the education gap.