Are you for or against new clear power?  Why?

 TED: "How fear of new clear power is hurting the environment"を聞いての感想を英語にしてもらいました。以下はNさんのエッセーです・・・

 I think we should utilize nuclear powers effectively.  There are two elements to support this. 

First of all, uranium can generate a lot of energy and any other fuels are less efficiency than it.  To focus on our climate change, it is clear that new clear power will accelerate to compensate lack of energy especially in developing countries. 

Secondary, during the operation of nuclear power plants, it doesn’t emit greenhouse gasses.  Additionally, compared to fire power plants, residential people around plants, would not worry about harmful air. 

However, some people claim that more and more countries and companies compete on building the sophisticated clean energy facilities, such as solar farms.  Their expectation that those technology will contribute to achieve the goal of carbon neutral by 2050 has the truth that we all don’t have any concrete plans for that.  

Therefore, we are forced to decide which is better, waiting for an up-to-date method or operating nuclear power plants, to handle with climate change. 

In conclusion, I strongly believe that we should run nuclear power plants which can provide a certain amount of energy constantly to lessen the amount of emitted carbon dioxide as soon as possible.