TED "Build A Tower Build A Team" を聞いて(3名)




What do you think team leaders should do to make teams better?

Listening to the speech, I realized the importance of creating the space where every member of the team feels relaxed, and is turned into work of collective genius   Anyone would have a certain of fear to the unknown, and this time it is team work. At first, each member doesn’t know one another well, nor does he know how the project is going to look like. In such circumstances, it could be natural that some would be hesitate to bring new ideas to the table, and others aren’t willing to contribute to the group.   Then, where do they work actively?  Thinking about daily life, the time you spend with families, close friends would never be like uncomfortable atmosphere.   Hence, I found relaxing is the most important element of better groups.   In fact, some famous companies like Google and Amazon have a relaxing pace such as gym and theater in their offices.   If I could design an office, I would set a room for meditation.  Because while working, most people tend to forget to rest when necessary.   Therefore, I believe that leaders should set and keep the group with peace of mind.  (N.S.)

Some teams work better than other teams. Why do you think that is?

I think good teams have two different points from others.    First, good teams have good cooperation. To make good cooperation, I think every member has his own idea and every member will join the discussion to make a decision. Each member has his own sense of value. So I think to gather each one`s good point is important.   Second, I think a good team needs a leader who always considers what to do to reach a goal and makes a plan. If the team makes something without a plan, the team might be late for deadline. If the team couldn`t make it by the deadline, the team`s effort would be ruined. So the team needs the ability to make a plan and to do everything according to the plan. In addition, to check the plan in the halfway is important too. So, even if anything is wrong, they can correct it quickly.   From these reasons good teams have good cooperation and the ability to consider what to do to reach the goal.   (Rei)

Some teams work better than other teams. Why do you think that is?

According to Tom’s research, there are some reasons why some people can build high structures.   First, they don’t jockey for power when building. There are many things that are more important than to decide their team leaders because they have only 18 minutes.   Second, they don’t seek for a single right plan. Although most adults tend to find it, some people and children make many prototypes. By doing so, they can get feedbacks and realize what works and what   doesn’t work. It is important to make prototypes for them to improve   their performance and to succeed.   Not only these efforts but also knowledge is necessary. In Tom’s experiment, architects and engineers did best because they understood that triangles and some patterns are useful to build stable structures.   In conclusion, I think successful teams should collaborate each other and spend more time making prototypes.  (Karin)