Our past is romantic!

  We often talk about the future, from our future course to the consequences which global warming brings about by the year of 2030. Because the future has more possibility and depends on our decision, in short, people require there to be romance. So, when we study about the past, like history, we take it for granted that lives have evolved over the time, and at the next moment, we think how this history affects our future. Stop, stop! Why don’t you think the past is also romantic, or might be more romantic than the future? Again, think of history, especially, how species came to exist through evolution on the earth.
  I’m not going to talk about the only ancient past, because evolution is directly connected to us. Actually, I didn’t think so before I learned about the relationship between evolution and religion that seems to be compatible. But those who are famous for their achievement in the field of evolution connected to religion deeply. And to my surprise, many scientists have researched about the early part of evolution, in other words, the beginning of life as associating to religion.
  Therefore, as I came to know about evolution from variety of perspectives, I have been attracted by its romance and deepness.